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Paula Hittinger

 I was born in the United Kingdom and immigrated to Canada at the age of 4. Consequently, I consider Edmonton the only home I know having been raised and educated just to the north. Finance is my passion and area of excellence. That’s why I graduated from the Institute of Canadian Bankers with a diploma in Personal Financial Planning in 2002.

While I loved banking, the opportunities to make a difference in every aspect of your life lead me to become an independent financial advisor with Shelemey Financial. I have the skills and the licenses to provide you with life insurance, accident and sickness insurance and investing solutions—the complete package.

And others have said that I’m living the full package since I have a wonderful family, great professional contacts, and give back to the community as an active volunteer. Specifically, my husband and I are now grandparents of 3 lovely grandchildren. This newest generate an ongoing gift from our three children. Additionally, I remain active with the Morinville’s Chamber. Over my 11 years there, I’ve acted as President, Treasurer, and Director of the Chamber.

Because of my passion for philanthropic and volunteer work, you’ll find me the ideal advisor if your dreams for financial wellbeing and success also include goals of leaving a legacy and making a difference.

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Paula Hittinger,
Independent Financial Advisor


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