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Paul Shelemey

"Clients became friends, and friends became clients."

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Paul Shelemey

With heavy hearts we announce that Paul Shelemey of St. Albert/Sturgeon County, passed away on February 25, 2016 shortly after his 80th birthday.  As was his wish, he died peacefully in his home, with his loving family around him. 

Paul was born January 22, 1936 at Radway, where his parents Anne and Roman Shelemey lived after they married.  His family moved to Thorhild where they loved from 1937 until 1944, then moved to North Edmonton.

Paul worked all his life, beginning at age 10 with a paper route delivering the Edmonton Bulletin; then in Holton’s Drugstore during high school.  At Canada Packets he was one of their top salesman, moving to Lethbridge and Nelson and back to Edmonton with a young family. 

He was engaging, energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about his work and family.  In 2015 Paul celebrated 50 years in the Life Insurance and Financial Planning profession.  He received numerous awards in his business, recognized for his quality care and custom service for his many clients.  Paul said his “clients became friends, and friends became clients.” 

He appreciated and had great respect for all his business associates and staff.  He was always involved and contributing in significant ways to his community.  He will be missed and always remembered as our Founder. 

Paul Shelemey
Founder, Shelemey Financial